Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ideology Inventory Quiz

Ideology Quiz


What I have learned about myself from the ideology inventory is that I identify as Risk Resiliency and Prevention. The belief is that the youth are not mature enough to always make the right decision, and so it is essential for them to have a positive mentor in their life to guide them towards good choices.
Most of the at risk youth become part of the criminal environment and make bad decisions during their adolescence mostly because they were misguided.  Their lack of supervision and positive environment they could engage with to help them avoid the street, led them to bad behavior.

To prevent this issue, an early intervention is required. It would be helpful to engage the youth in positive environments such as community youth centers and after school programs.   Informing them about society issues such as gang activity, drug use, and teen pregnancy  so they can be aware of the consequences of those issues and the negative effect it could have on their present and future lives.

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